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January 3, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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Aqua – Veniscy 8 TRIPLE STRENGTH WHITENING | Pakistan


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AQUA SKIN VENISCY TRIPLE STRENGTH WHITENING  Aqua Skin Veniscy Triple Strength Whitening is the latest product by Skinnic Lab from Switzerland that fulfill your needs for a beautiful skin complexion and great skin whitening.  INGREDIENTS:  – Aqua Skin L – Ascorbic Acid 24000mg.  – Aqua Skin Natural Collagen Extract 4000mg.  – Aqua Skin hyaluronic Acid 3750mg.  – Aqua Skin EGF 2800mg.  – Aqua Skin Alpha Lipoic Acid 1250mg.  – Aqua Skin Matrixyl mg.  – Aqua Skin Multivitamin 20000mg.  – Aqua Skin Kojic Acid 2000mg.  – Aqua Skin Cpper Peptide 1000mg.  – Aqua Skin Vegetable Placenta 1395mg.  – Veniscy Trio Glutathione 600000mg.  – Veniscy Nanopeptide 3000mg.  – Veniscy DMAE 600mg.  – Veniscy Coemzyne Pro Q10 80000mg.  – Veniscy Selenium 1200mg.  BENEFITS:  – Improves brighter skin tone  – Improves skin elasticity  – Protects skin moisture  – Protects the skin from UV rays  – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles  – Suppresses the formation of acne, stain, acne  – Removes excessive free radicals – Helps heal wounds and scars  – Prevents wrinkles a PACKING: 10 Set/Box (10 Ampoules + 20 Vials)  DOSAGES: Each 10ml with 2 Vials of Lyophilized Powder per day. Once or Twice Per week Recommended Dosage : Each 10ml with 2 Vials of Lyophilized Powder per day. Once or Twice Per week Storage Instruction : DO NOT expose to heat or sunlight keep OUT or reach of children Keep in a cool dry place below 28’C

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