Glutax 5gs Price in Pakistan

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Mole Removal Pen in Pakistan
May 15, 2018
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May 23, 2018
Glutax 5gs pakistan

Glutax 5gs Price in Pakistan

Glutax 5gs price in Pakistan is just now affordable. Dermavigilance is distributing a wide range of glutax skin whitening injections products online through out the Pakistan. Glutax 5gs micro advance is Italy based product. Our products are 100% original and authentic.

Skin Whitening injections Pakistan Price

Instead of dealing in glutax 5gs brand, We have a wide range of different skin whitening injections in Pakistan. As also skin whitening injections Pakistan price is also affordable and with in the range of our clients. We have proven results of skin whitening injections. We have following products in stock of skin whitening injections in Pakistan

  1. Glutax 5gs Micro Advance Cellular Ultra Skin Whitening + Anti Aging in Pakistan
  2. Glutax 12g Advanced HD in Pakistan
  3. Glutax 50g Nano Titanium in Pakistan
  4. Glutax 75gs
  5. Glutax 70000 Marine White in Pakistan
  6.  Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro-Q10 RNA Complex in Pakistan
  7. 5D Skin Whitening injections in Pakistan
  8.  Tatiomax 1200mg Skin Whitening injections in Pakistan
  9. Tationil 600mg Skin Whitening injections in Pakistan
  10. Aqua Skin Whitening injections in Pakistan

How to order Glutax 5gs in Pakistan

We do provide cash on delivery free of cost for our all products through out the Pakistan. Worry free to contact us any time via email us

or you can just click below to order glutax 5gs micro advance


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